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Iron casting

Iron casting

casting-article-image.jpgIron casting is one of our three principle types alongside aluminium sand casting and aluminium gravity die-casting. The manufacture and supply of iron casting components has been an integral part of our business for over 200 years where this thoroughbred experience and our continuous investment in the latest technologies have steered us into an industry leading position.

Using skilled craftsmen we can produce prototypes from intricate specifications to full production volumes. With iron casting ranging from <1kg through to 750kg in grey and ductile irons, we have the capability to fulfill basic architectural work through to highly complex engineering components.

We are not limited to specific industries, supplying clients across all areas including manufacturing, architecture and decorative, with pattern making, on-site painting, machining, inspection and heat treatment capabilities.

We pride ourselves on delivering essential added value on all iron casting projects, constantly offering advice and guidance on cost saving with our determination to deliver quality improvements at every opportunity.

To discuss your cast iron requirements or to understand further the benefit of working with Lucy Castings please get in touch.