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We are a highly skilled team dedicated to serving the customer, from first contact to post delivery support. We provide a rapid response from feasibility studies on concept designs, through to design assistance and guidance, pattern manufacture, prototyping, component production, heat treatment and delivery.

The process of casting begins before the pattern is made, at the point when an engineer arrives at the best design for the component. The knowledge and experience of the capabilities of a foundry, coupled with creativity, craftsmanship, and taking advantage of both material and new casting processes, make our engineers an essential start point for all projects

We conduct feasibility studies on concept designs to help steer a project towards the most effective final designs in preparation for making a pattern, prototyping and manufacture. Our engineers will then help convert initial concepts to finished solutions, offering complete advice and guidance on how to improve quality and cost efficiency throughout the project.

Many clients are not familiar with basic foundry practices. They might have specific requirements they do not understand that they would like extra help / training with , eg;

  • Casting contraction – how much a casting contracts on cooling the pattern will have to be made slightly larger than the final dimensional requirements
  • Moulding draft – how much angle is needed to strip a pattern from a mould, and on which faces is this required
  • Material designation – has the casting been designed with the best material option, what is the difference between all the different grades of iron?
  • Defect Prevention – the root cause of most casting defects is the actual component design, understanding what designs promote defects such as shrinkage, porosity, flash, cold run, inclusions etc

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